Parent/Teacher Conferences


A sign-up sheet for the parent/teacher conferences on Thursday, March 31 and Friday, April 1 is posted on the bulletin board at your child’s class. Please be sure to sign up for a 30-minute individual time with your child’s teacher. This is a wonderful opportunity to have the complete attention of your child’s teacher for 30 minutes to hear all about your child’s day as well as to ask questions and share your goals for your child.

On Thursday, March 31st school closes at 12 noon and on Friday, April 1st school is closed for the day. The Thursday conferences start at 1:10 and the Friday conferences start at 8:00. If your child has a different afternoon teacher from the morning program, you are welcome to sign up for a conference with that teacher too. If the available days/times do not work for you, please speak with the School Director who will arrange a time that is more suitable for the teacher and yourself. Thank you.

If you are in need of child care, please speak in advance with the School Director as there may be someone at the school who can watch your child during your parent/teacher conference. We are currently unable to offer childcare at our Stowe campus. We are unable to hold a conference with a child present other than the little babies who are not mobile yet. Thank you.

We look forward to meeting with you, to answer your questions, and to share all of the wonderful work your child has been engaged in since the last conferences in November.