March Classroom Highlights from Heartworks Williston

March was a special time of learning as the themes were “Teacher Choice” during this month.

Sarah’s classroom was full of feathered friends! They brought the theme of Birds to life by creating wonderful bird feeders and setting them up outside the window. A reference poster was nearby along with some binoculars so the children could identify the various feathered visitors. The class built a life-sized nest which was a favorite place to play. There were many creative art projects and songs to help highlight the featured flying creatures.  

Megan’s class went back in time to the prehistoric era to discover dinosaurs. They became paleontologists digging for fossils in their sand table. They excavated dinosaurs from ice and also used tools to delicately dig through edible “dirt” (cookie crumbs) and “mud” (pudding) to find a special edible (gummy) creature in their bowl!

Amy’s class explored “Up in the Air” this month. Their dramatic play area transformed into an air traffic control station as the children launched into the atmosphere in their rocket ship. They built a jet that hovered in the classroom and also studied the differences in the sky during the day and the sky at night.

Cassie’s class studied “Life on the Farm” during the month of March. They explored animals that live on farms and also discovered the process of raising and harvesting crops. They discussed the importance of farms in our everyday life. It was such a nice unit that raised the children’s awareness and appreciation for where our food comes from. 

Katherine’s class studied Frogs this month, hopping from one activity to the next! They measured how far they could hop compared to the average frog. They learned about the variety of species of frogs and were scientific in comparing the different properties of each type. They learned about camouflage first-hand as frogs were stashed around the room in spaces in which the frogs blended. The children had fun finding them! They also played a fun Feed the Frog game, working on their hand-eye coordination by tossing bugs into a frog’s mouth and using the frog’s sticky tongues to catch numbered or lettered flies. 

Maria’s class studied Columbia this month - where Maria was born. They learned a lot about the climate and culture of this South American country. They were able to compare it to the other cultures that they have learned about already this year. For the children, the world is becoming ever smaller with each new nation that they visit. They are learning that various ways of life are acceptable and exciting!   

Heather’s class learned about rocks this month. It was a very engaging month full of experiments and hands-on studies about the various geologic formations that exist all around us. They did a fascinating experiment about igneous rocks by layering pieces of crayon under sand and water. When the water was heated (imitating the heat from the Earth’s core) the crayon melted, and created a path upward through the sand until it surfaced (like a volcano). Then as it floated and cooled further away from the heat source, it hardened again. I’m not sure who was more excited, Heather or the children!

Caila’s class ventured to Canada this month. They learned about the culture and geography of the large country. From the language, provinces, Royal Canadian Mounted Police to the igloos up north - there was a lot to learn! The children connected their studies to their former lessons about Kenya, so they were able to compare similarities and differences between the two nations. How wonderful to learn to appreciate different cultures; becoming familiar with various regions cultivates a sense of acceptance and respect.