STEAM Highlights from Heartworks Burlington

The children in our afternoon STEAM program are enjoying their exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. The children are engaged in group projects, experimenting, predicting, taking things apart, building, communicating, exploring, wondering, observing, and solving problems.

Ashley’s Class: The children spent a lot of time exploring Hyacinth bulbs. They made a book detailing their observations, predictions (what is inside?), and questions. As a group, they dissected the bulb to view the innards, made conclusions, and documented their findings. The children also had a lot of fun being engineers working with various recycled materials to design roads, ramps, and bridges. They did strength testing on each to see if their design was strong and durable. 

Leah’s Class:  The children learned all about buoyancy and designed their own boats using a variety of materials...paper, popsicle sticks, tinfoil etc. They each tested their boat to determine if it was buoyant or not. Additionally, they challenged their boat’s capabilities by filling them with items. The class also spent time learning about the difference between Heavy and Light. Using a balance scale, each child weighed objects of their choosing to determine which were heavy and which were light. The class made a group graph of their findings.

Julianna’s Class:  The children designed their own webs by ordering numbers and drawing lines to connect each number. They came  up with some interesting predictions of what the design would be. They were also true scientists mixing together various ingredients to grow crystals on a pipe cleaner. The process took a couple of days and the children observed the daily progress very carefully. The end results were beautiful crystals in many different colors and shapes!

April Classroom Themes:

  • The school-wide theme this month is Science:
  • Jen and Hunter’s class: Transportation
  • Clara and Susan’s classes: The Five Senses
  • Teresa and Ashley’s classes: Weather
  • Leah and Julianna’s classes: The Solar System

If anyone has a particular interest, skill, or work experience that relates to these themes and you would like to share that knowledge with the class, please be sure to let the classroom teacher or Kathleen know. We enjoy having parents volunteer and share their interests and talents with the class.