Classroom Highlights from Heartworks Shelburne

Jenny and Sandra’s friends really took advantage of their Water is Fun theme this month. They created some amazing art work painting with watercolors and ice paint! The children had a water drop race on wax paper using eye droppers. It was amazing to see the control they had while using the eye droppers. The children were scientists while performing a sink or float experiment as a class and even made their own predictions!

Hilary and Sherri’s friends dove into learning about Rivers and Streams this month. They went on many hikes through our woods searching for rivers and streams. The children created their own river murals which they added plant and animal life to each day.  Hilary’s friends learned about beavers and created their own adorable beavers out of paper plates. Sherri’s friends painted beautiful river fish using water colors to add to their class mural. 

Mariah’s friends explored the depths of the Ocean! This month they created a wonderful mural of the plant and animal life that make the ocean such an amazing place. They conducted a number of experiments testing if salt water would freeze and played sink or float. The class enjoyed pretending to be baby sea turtles who had just hatched out of their eggs. It was so sweet seeing them move so carefully around the classroom together. 

Amber, Theanna and Angela’s friends were focused on Lakes and Ponds this month. The classes each created beautiful murals that displayed plant and animal life they were learning about daily. A big focus for the children was the life cycle of a frog. Amber’s friends created amazing models of frogs in each of their stages of life. Theanna’s friend’s really enjoyed playing Lake and Pond animal charades having the chance to act out an animal and guess which animals they are pretending to be. Angela’s friends created their own Champ sculptures depicting what they think our lake creature might look like. 

April’s Theme: Stories from Around the World

  • Jenny: Nursery Rhymes
  • Sherri and Hilary: Fairy Tales
  • Mariah: Native American Stories
  • Theanna, Angela and Amber: Greek Mythology