March Classroom Highlights from Heartworks Shelburne

Halle and Meg

The children in class with Halle and Meg had so much fun during March singing about farming and exploring the different sounds that farm animals make. They had a good amount of days where many of the children sat around one of the teachers and enjoyed a mini circle time of songs and stories. Some of the children are able to or have been starting to clap and wave and practice this during those circle times and also throughout the day. It is so fun watching the children engage with one another as they continue to grow and reach new milestones.

Painting Pigs in Jackie and Marina's Class.JPG

Jackie and Marina

One of the favorite activities to close out the Farming and Farm Animals theme was pretending to be piglets and rolling around in the “mud” in the classroom pigpen. The children had so much fun making oinking sounds as they crawled around and got very “dirty” just like little pigs do. After dramatic play the children sat at the table and used brown paint and their fingers and hands to cover small paper pink pigs with “mud.” It was so fun to watch the children become so engaged in the farming theme. 

Anne and Amanda

Happy “Dress Like a Farmer Day!” The children in class with Anne and Amanda dressed like farmers on Wednesday and Thursday, the last two days of their Farm and Farm Animals theme. They invited Halle and Meg’s friends as well as Jackie and Marina’s to join in this fun celebration to close out the month of March. The children and teachers pretended to be farmers during explore time growing and cooking different pretend vegetables and fruits. 

Danielle and Nikki

The friends in class with Danielle and Nikki ended the month of March exploring how water forms clouds and used their fine motor skills to use pipettes to drop colored water through shaving cream to make it “rain” in a glass of water. The children also used puffy paint to decorate different types of clouds and observed the clouds outside to see if they could recognize any of the types of clouds they made. It was a treat to see snow and rain falling in the same week so that the children could experience how temperature affects water.

Rachel and Jacey

On the last day of March the children with Rachel and Jacey enjoyed hearing stories in circle and learning about what a seed needs to grow. They then moved to the table and scooped soil into recycled egg cartons before choosing special seeds to grow. There was a focus on how much plants need water which was a wonderful compliment to March’s water theme. The children are looking forward to using a spray bottle to water their plants and observing them as they start to take root under the grow light in the classroom.