April's Theme: Science

April was a wonderful month of experiments, discovering, and wondering as the children were immersed in the Science theme. 

Jen and Hunter’s two year old class learned all about transportation. The children had such fun taking a ride in their classroom hot air balloon and did very well taking a walk to the waterfront to look for traffic signs and various modes of transportation. 

Clara’s class loved learning all about the five senses. They welcomed Henry’s mother, Dr. Antkowiak, into class to talk about the five senses and our bodies’ functions. The children performed a smell test and used their sense of hearing to listen to Clara play both the guitar and violin.

Susan’s class also enjoyed their month learning all about the five senses. They set up a sight experiment using food coloring and dried flowers. The class welcomed Stella’s mother, Dr. Devitt, and were very interested in the five senses hands on learning kit she brought to explore each sense. 

Teresa’s class were weather watchers this month and carefully graphed the weather for each day in the month of April. They learned all about the sun’s function and planted sunflowers. The children are observing their growth daily.

Ashley’s class were also weather watchers and created an outstanding weather mural complete with the sun, clouds, raindrops, rainbows, and lightening bolts. The children really enjoyed learning about the water cycle and did many fascinating experiments to show the process. 

Julianna’s class received their NASA badges and set off to explore the Solar System! They made a beautiful mural along with paper mache sun, moon, and earth to model the careful rotation of each. The children could often be heard singing their planets song all month long. 

Leah’s class made rockets and blasted off to learn more about our Solar System. The children each made a planet and put them in order to create an impressive solar system mural. The children were quite fascinated learning about what astronauts eat and enjoyed making astronaut pudding.