April's Theme: Water

Sarah’s two-year-old class had a great time with their theme: “Water is Fun.” They experimented with something new in the water table each day, from bubbles, to shaving cream, enormous ice cubes to squirt bottles; what an exciting way to start each day! They were introduced to the water cycle, painted with watery paint, and created some beautiful water drop decorations from melted wax.

The three-year-olds with Megan, Cassie and Amy learned about rivers and streams. They learned about the characteristics of rivers and streams as well as the various animals and plant life that can be found in and around them. Amy’s class set up a campsite next to their river, complete with a campfire to cook their food on!

Katherine’s class focused their studies on oceans. They learned where the oceans are in the world and the variety of creatures that live in the ocean. For Earth Day Sydney’s mom, Elana, came in to share about mussels and clams and how they help to filter the ocean water. (They also brought in a fun Earth Day snack too!)

The Pre-kindergarten classes taught by Maria, Heather and Caila studied lakes and ponds last month. Each class made wonderful representations of the wildlife that live in and around ponds. They also studied the water cycle and did activities which integrated the different phases of water. Heather’s class did an experiment which highlighted the impact of water pollution.