April Classroom Highlights from Heartworks Shelburne

Jenny’s two-year-old class really enjoyed the Nursery Rhymes theme this month. The classroom was full of song, rhyme and movement. The children jumped over “candle sticks” while learning Jack Be Nimble, fingerprint painted sheep and tried to put Humpty Dumpty back together again!  They celebrated their hard work this month by learning the Nursery Rhyme “Wee Willie Winkie” and had a special pajama day together! 

The three-year-old classes taught by Sherri and Hilary explored the magical world of Fairy Tales this month. They went on hikes in the woods to find Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children made porridge and shared it together for snack. It was so sweet to see the children play kings and queens as they read, Cinderella, dancing and singing together. 

The children taught by Mariah read Native American stories this month. The children heard many tales about Native American life and traditions. They carefully constructed their own wigwams, made their own Native American drums and even crafted dream catchers with a help from a mom of a child in the class. It was wonderful to see how proud the children were of their creations and excited to bring their dreamcatchers home to hang by their beds. 

The Pre-kindergarten classes taught by Amber, Angela and Theanna studied Greek Mythology this month. It was a month filled with stories, dramatic play and amazing artwork. The children got a sense of what it was like to live like a Greek by tasting traditional foods, wearing togas and even participating in the Greek Olympics!