April Highlights

Halle and Meg

The month of April afforded many opportunities for the class to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. The children enjoyed walks around the courtyard, some days bundled up and others with light jackets and hats. They have all been working on special projects that will be going home soon and are exploring the classroom in new and exciting ways. 

Jackie and Marina

The friends with Jackie and Marina have been having so much fun engaging with one another during circle times, even sitting on small carpet squares as they listen to stories and sing songs together. With the Planting and Gardening theme, the children all had a chance to experiment with soil and seeds as they planted different flowers and herbs that have now sprouted and continue to grow as they are watered and taken care of. The teachers have been pointing out the buds on the trees and the children are excited to see the leaves getting bigger every day. Welcome Spring!

Anne and Amanda

A wonderful new addition to the classroom for the month of April was a small jar of frog eggs that came from Anne’s family's pond. The children have enjoyed exploring the jar and can now see that the small black spots within the gel have turned into little swimming creatures, that look a bit like fish! In addition to the excitement of the tadpoles, the children also explored planting and what plants need to grow. They “planted” seeds in small plastic bags taped to the window, and are using a grow lab to help the vegetables and herbs they are growing sprout and flourish in the light and warmth. 

Danielle and Nikki

Rhyming and Poems was the theme for the children in the class with Danielle and Nikki. They explored rhyming words and stories focusing on a few well known poems. One of the children’s favorite rhymes was “Three Little Kittens.” They painted small paper kittens and then searched the room for “lost mittens.” The children were all full of smiles as they found each set of mittens. The morning ended with everyone having some pie! Just like the kittens.

Rachel and Jacey

The days with Rachel and Jacey were full of Nursery Rhymes during the “Stories from Around the World” theme. The children practiced their cutting skills as they used scissors and then bandaids for a “Humpty Dumpty” enrichment project, jumped over candles sticks as they pretended to be nimble and quick like jack, and even participated in Nursery Rhyme Yoga. There were some fun baking and cooking projects during the month as the children made curds and whey like the snack in Little Miss Muffet and added jam to pastry to make tarts for the Queen of Hearts.