January's Theme: Cultures

Learning how to use chopsticks!

Learning how to use chopsticks!

During the month of January the school-wide theme is “Cultures.” In each of the classrooms various aspects of each culture will be examined including the language, the location, climate, food, famous landmarks, popular practices and the inhabitants- both people and animals. The classes will engage in many enrichment activities exploring these aspects of the following cultures:

  • Sarah- Australia
  • Erica and Georgia- China
  • Amy- Japan
  • Cassie- Mexico
  • Maria, Leah, and Caila- Kenya

There will be a school-wide World’s Fair toward the end of the month in which the children will board Heartworks Airways to “fly” from country to country to learn about each of the other cultures that the classes have been studying. All of the children will have passports to be stamped as they arrive at each country. It is sure to be a wonderful excursion- the students will have news to share from their adventures. 

In addition to the “Cultures” theme the children will be exploring the outdoors which has transformed our playgrounds into a winter wonderland. We have sleds and shovels to play with, build with and exercise our bodies. There will be scientific discussions and experiments about the change in our environment, the formation of snow, icicles, and the dormant state of trees and some animals. There is much to learn and observe during a Vermont winter.