December Classroom Highlights

The children taught by Jen did a tremendous job practicing and performing their holiday songs for parents and friends. The children also enjoyed making beautiful St. Nicholas collage pictures. 

The children taught by Caitlin were very involved in creating their impressive winter scene dioramas to give to their families. The children also did so well performing their songs in the special performance for families and friends.  

 The children taught by Susan really enjoyed decorating cookies with special guests. The class also did so well counting all of the mittens that were collected for our mitten drive. 

The children taught by Teresa wrote all the wonderful ways they shine “light” on others and decorated their classroom with this beautiful artwork. The class also made latkes from scratch and shared them with the school.  

The children taught by Clara made a beautiful Kwanzaa chain to hang in their classroom. They also created a beautiful art piece describing all the different ways the holidays are celebrated. 
The children taught by Leah constructed St. Lucia crowns complete with bright candles and evergreens. They enjoyed practicing their patterning skills to make festive candy canes. 

The children taught by Dominique delighted in meeting St. Nicholas during his visit and appreciated all of the treats and toys he shared with the class. They did a lot of holiday yoga and learned many new poses.  

Please feel free to visit all the classrooms in our school.
It has been an excellent start to the New Year ~ We are looking forward to joyful months ahead!

December STEAM:

The children in our afternoon STEAM program are continuing to explore, build, investigate and experiment….

The children in Caitlin’s STEAM class learned about ramps, angles and speed while constructing a marble run using recycled materials. They also experimented with salt and water colors painted on paper. 

The children in Clara’s STEAM class found a way to make Orange Juice experimenting using various tools...some worked better and were easier to use than others! They also explored angles and balance while engineering structures using q-tips.

The children in Leah’s STEAM class worked together to find the best way to construct  gingerbread houses using blocks and other materials. They also predicted what would happen if marbles were used to paint with!
The children in Dominique’s STEAM class made a plan how to make new crayons...they decided they could ‘upcycle’ bits of crayons by melting them in muffin tins to create new, bigger crayons. They also experimented with folded paper and scissors to create beautiful snowflakes.