December Highlights

Meg and Kaylie

The children with Meg and Kaylie really love hearing and making different sounds so December was a perfect month full of holiday music and the jingling of bells. “All the Snowflakes” and “Dashing Through the Snow” were two of the most favorite song choices that elicited the biggest smiles and expressive reactions. In addition the fun music, Kaylie and Meg worked with the children to help create footprint mistle "toes" and a holiday gift that we hope all of the families enjoyed. 

Marina and Kristen

The friends with Marina and Kristen had a lot of fun during the month of December exploring the different holidays and enjoying many enrichment activities. They started off the month using their hands and paintbrushes to add greenery and snow to the winter solstice tree and really enjoyed feeling the paint between their fingers and moving it around on the canvas. As a class, they celebrated Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa through stories and songs and art. They created collage wreaths for Christmas, used sponges to paint paper dreidels for Hanukkah and used black, red and green squares to create Kwanzaa placemats. The room was full of holiday music such as Jingle Bells, Let it Snow, and Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel most of the day as the children eagerly signed and asked for more at the end of each verse. What a fun and enriching month they had!

Anne and Jacey

The friends with Anne and Jacey started off the month using finger paints to create a beautiful banner with the word celebrate and proceeded to do just that throughout the month. They used sponges and green paint to create Christmas wreaths and finished them off with glue and red pom poms for a nice festive touch. For Kwanzaa the children again used glue and pasted red, black and green tissue paper on different toilet paper rolls that they then used to create a kinara for display in the classroom. The children really enjoyed experimenting with the sticky glue and trying to figure out how to get the paper to stick to the roll instead of their fingers. One of the children’s favorite activities was playing pin the flame on the menorah. Each child had a chance to hold one of the paper flames and place it atop one of the nine candles, including the shamash. They all had such a wonderful few weeks in December and really enjoyed the holiday theme.

Liz and Amanda

The children in class with Liz and Amanda explored Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Christmas through stories, songs, and a lot of fun enrichment activities. The children worked together to paint a large canvas menorah and used clay as they learned about dreidels and sang the dreidel song. The children also really enjoyed singing The Twelve Days of Christmas dancing with scarves and acting out the different verses pretending to milk cows and leaping like lords. Towards the end of the month some of the friends helped to paint red, black and green candles for the class kinara and practiced counting from one to seven as they set the candles up in the kitchen area. As a special treat Tucker’s mother, Katie, came in and helped the children create fun and festive snowman magnets! The children loved experimenting with the pieces and the little snowmen were so sweet.  

Nikki and Cara

In Nikki and Cara’s class the children also explored some of the different holidays that are celebrated in December. The children all really love to move and dance so there was a lot of holiday music to be heard each day which filled the room with laughter and dancing. One of the favorite moments was when the children discovered that Saint Nicholas visited the school one night and left delicious clementines in their slippers. Many of the children chose to eat their clementines right away at snack. Thank you so much Saint Nicholas. The children were also introduced to Kwanzaa and heard about the seven principles of the holiday and focused on unity, working together and supporting one another. At the end of December Nikki and Cara used the “We Three Kings” book that the children were all interested in to talk about Mary and Joseph looking for a place to lay baby Jesus and how the kings were traveling to bring the baby gifts. The children then pretended to bring different gifts to the babies in the classroom.