December Highlights: Celebrations Around the World

December was a month filled with holiday celebrations from around the world.  We started the month with an all school Story by Heart of St. Nicholas day. The following day the children were surprised to find clementines in their shoes. The children were filled with wonder as they discussed how St. Nicholas did this.  

All of the classes celebrated such holidays as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, St. Lucia’s Day and Winter Solstice. The last two days before vacation were pajama days. Teachers and children alike came to school in pajamas! The school gathered in the big room for a reading of The Polar Express. It was a definite highlight of the month and a special way to start the winter vacation.  

The class taught by Sherri and Sandra enjoyed learning about St. Nicholas and left their shoes out to find a special clementine treat that was left by St. Nicholas. The children also enjoyed reading “The Gingerbread Girl” and used fine motor skills to  make beautiful paper gingerbread girls.  

Kaylah and Hunter’s class enjoyed singing songs about snowmen and reading the book “Katy and the Big Snow By Virginia Lee Burton. The children also loved making and eating Latkes and applesauce.

Danielle’s class was hard at work creating paper clogs and learning all about St. Nicholas and the beautiful traditions that make that celebration so special.

The class taught by Haley made beautiful paper crowns to celebrate St. Lucia day. St. Lucia is the celebration on the 13th of December to celebrate the light, love, and feast of the season in scandinavian countries.  

The class taught by Hilary spent the month of December ice skating with wax paper and making beautiful menorahs made out of paper and fingerprints. 

The children in Amber’s class “travelled” to Germany to learn about all the Gingerbread and the story of The Gingerbread Boy, on their return “flight” home they found a large plate of gingerbread cookies.  Delicious! 

The wonderful class taught by Angela was busy creating a holiday winter wonderland. They made beautiful literary light to decorate the wall, practiced size differentiation by making adorable snowmen for the wall, and made gingerbread for children to eat!  

December STEAM Highlights:

The STEAM classes created beautiful crystal in December and observed the chemical reaction created by using borax, vinegar, and baking soda. Throughout the next couple of weeks the children carefully documented the changes that took place and ended up with beautiful crystals!  

For Tuesday tool technology day, the STEAM classes experimented with common classroom tools such as scissors, pencils compared to ink pens and created beautiful snowflakes for the classroom.

On Thursday, art day, the children used paint and straws to demonstrate how germs are spread through the air and when we sneeze. For math the children created and learned all about three dimensional shapes and patterns.