January’s Theme and World’s Fair

During the month of January the school-wide theme was “Cultures,” during which each age level studied a different country. The Cultures theme was so exciting - the school was alive with the commitment of each class to the country that they were studying.  

We celebrated this unit by sharing the information they had attained during our third annual World’s Fair. On January 30th the children boarded the Heartworks Airways to fly around the world (around the school) visiting other countries. Represented at the Fair were:

  • Australia (Sarah’s class)
  • China (Erica and Georgia’s classes)
  • Japan (Amy’s class)
  • Mexico (Cassie’s class)
  • Kenya (Maria, Leah and Caila’s classes).  

At each stop the children had their passports stamped, marking their visit. The flights rotated so each class had an opportunity to return to their home country (their own classroom) to teach the other classes some fun facts about their country. It was quite impressive to hear the presentations from the children; they retained so much information about their countries - everything from local cuisine, indigenous animals, musical instruments, the flags, the language- so much was represented!

STEAM in January

STEAM with Cassie - Winter was the consistent theme of Cassie’s STEAM experiments. They made slush out of a mixture of baking soda, sand and water, and then drove cars through them to simulate driving on winter roads. They then discussed car washes and washed the cars in vinegar and observed the bubbly reaction! The class made ramps and observed how various objects slid down. They also engineered igloos out of ice cubes, and snowball launchers (catapults that tossed pompoms).

STEAM with Maria and Leah - STEAM lessons in Maria and Leah’s classes focused for two weeks around Healthy Bodies and two weeks on Inventors and Inventions. Maria’s friends explored a human’s blood stream and how it carries nutrients and also germs through the body; they then discussed how to keep germs away! They learned about how to eat a balance of healthy foods in order to help fuel their body.

During their study on inventors, they learned about Thomas Edison and the light bulb, the Wright brothers and the airplane, and Benjamin Franklin and the many contributions he made to our lives, including the invention of bifocals! All of the children know someone who wears glasses so it was special to help make a connection between how his inventions are still helping people.

Another fun invention the classes learned about was the catapult. They engineered their own and then measured how far their design tossed a pompom down the hall.  

February Themes

The school-wide theme for February is “Stories from Around the World.” The classes will be focusing on different genres of stories. It is so fun to see stories come to life in each classroom as the children spend time with the different characters from the tales. They will discuss the origin of the different stories and the older children will learn about cultural influences of the Native Americans and the Ancient Greeks.

  • Sarah - Nursery Rhymes
  • Erica, Georgia and Amy - Fairy Tales
  • Cassie - Native American Tales
  • Maria, Leah and Caila - Greek Mythology