January in pictures! Heartworks Shelburne C

Meg and Kaylie

The children grew so much and reached so many milestones over break and through the month of January. From sitting on their own to pulling up and moving around the room, we have all celebrated these accomplishments and have continued to explore new ways to help foster and encourage this growth. Some of the children had the chance to explore snow from outside and splash in the water in the warmth of the classroom. A fun side project that Kaylie and Meg have started is a series of themed photos that are displayed on the wall each month. During the month of January the theme was “A View From the Top” where the children were photographed from above as they were drinking their bottles. February’s “Tunnel of Love” theme is well underway and the photos are so much fun to look at. 

Marina and Kristen

During the month of January, children in class with Marina and Kristen learned about winter and winter animals. They enjoyed exploring outside on the playground and taking many walks around the campus. It has been so fun to watch the children’s excitement as they explore the newly fallen snow and work diligently to move around in their warm and cozy snowsuits. One of the children’s favorite enrichment activities was using birdseed, toilet paper rolls and “Wow” soy nut butter to create bird feeders for the birds that perch on the trees outside the window. All of the children excitedly gathered outside and had a chance to help Marina hang the bird and small critter feeders for the winter animals. This was such a wonderful enrichment for the children who have shown a great love of all the Earth’s creatures, especially the sounds they make.

Anne and Jacey

Winter, snow, and ice were a huge draw for the children with Anne and Jacey during the month of January. They explored outside, sang songs about winter and used the coldness and snow of the season to talk about winter animals and how they prepare for and survive through winter. The children had a lot of fun pretending to gather food as the animals do, creating warm homes and of course taking long winter naps! Throughout the month of January and continuing in the months to come, the children began exploring shapes and colors and have been introduced to numbers and counting through everyday play as well as meal times, enrichment activities and circle lessons. They are all growing so fast and learning so much. This is a very exciting time of year for all of the children and teachers.

Liz and Amanda

During the month of January the children with Liz and Amanda were transported each morning to the prairies of North America. The children heard stories about life on the plains learning about both animals and people and the different way things were when the plains were just being settled. The children had a lot of fun playing prairie games such as hopscotch, potato sack races and a bean bag toss. There was so much joy and laughter as they were learning how to play. They also had the opportunity to experience a little bit about how food was made before grocery stores as they worked hard shaking cream to transform it into butter. They then tasted their creation on freshly made gluten free biscuits.  At the end of the month the children practiced using scissors to cut down the “grass fields” they grew when the blades got too long. 

Nikki and Cara

As the children entered the classroom with Nikki and Cara during the month of January, they were transported deep into the forest with woodland creatures, through songs, stories and exciting enrichment activities. Many of the days involved talking about animal tracking, searching for footprints in the snow both on the playground and in the forest and pretending to be the animals they were learning about. They explored caves created with cloth and chairs as they searched for bears, practiced their echolocation skills as bats in a darkened room and built squirrel dreys using grass, stick, leaves and other natural materials. The children show such compassion and care for animals, and it is wonderful to foster this love of nature.