January in Pictures! Heartworks Stowe

Class with Britta and Annabelle

This month the Pre-kindergarten class chose to learn about Fairytales! The children made canvas backdrops and puppets and used their imaginations to put on puppet shows to create their own magical fairy tale scenarios. 

They discussed the differences between real events and fantasy situations and compared the two. A castle mural was designed and after each story, characters were added to the scene. The children took an adventure on the bike path and collected sticks which were brought back to the classroom and transformed into magic wands. It was a month full of creation, planning, and imagination!

Class with Megan and Amanda

Children in the three year old class were fascinated to learn about the Five Senses. They explored all the ways to experience the world around us. The sensory table was transformed by bringing in different mediums such as snow and pine branches. The children created binoculars and made sound amplifiers and cup and string telephones. The class experimented with different smells, guessing what was in the container using only their nose. Peppermint oil, popcorn, cinnamon, and citrus were a few of the mystery smells.  The children enjoyed making and exploring play dough, oobleck, and modeling clay and discussed the differences between how they felt. The children took a lot away from this unit and would discuss amongst themselves what senses they were using!

STEAM news

The children look forward to STEAM each and every day! They have been exploring simple machines and learning how to be safe using real tools. Children created paper beads, baked mini pumpkin muffins, and brought nature into the classroom by observing and documenting the changes of ice and snow over time in the classroom sensory table. 

February's Theme is Cultures

  • Children with Britta and Annabelle - Kenya
  • Children with Megan and Amanda - Mexico