January in review - Heartworks Burlington

The children in Jen’s class had a fascinating month of Experimental Sensory Discovery. The children became scientists and conducted many various experiments and used their five senses as they explored different materials. They especially loved painting with their feet! They were impressive gardeners and planted an impressive windowsill garden in their classroom. 

The children in Caitlin’s class experienced Life on the Farm. They had a chicken coop with “laying hens” and had morning chores of counting the eggs. The class built an impressive classroom barn mural and welcomed Farmer Craig into the classroom to help filter raw milk and learn all there is to know about caring for cows. 

The children in Susan’s class learned about Winter Animals and discussed which animals migrate, stay active, or hibernate in the winter. They also were keen trackers and compared different animal tracks. They made biscuits to help keep the animals fed in the winter and made clay caves for the hibernating bears. The children created a beautiful classroom mural and constructed a flock of cardinals to give them luck!

The children in Clara’s class learned all about the Polar Regions. They discovered where the polar regions are located in the world, which animals live there, what the weather is like, and how it compares to Vermont. They experimented with blubber to learn how these arctic animals stay warm. Learning all about icebergs was very interesting and the class made a large iceberg mural showing the unique designs of these massive ice islands.  

The children in Dominique’s class learned all about Paleontology and the time of Dinosaurs. The children enjoyed the Paleontologist center, using the various excavation tools and looking at the many photos of the different kinds of dinosaurs. They learned about volcanoes and used various ingredients to watch a volcano explode. The children spent a lot of time making their own dinosaur eggs, and when dried, carefully cracking them apart to find the treasure inside. 
The children in Leah’s class learned about our state of Vermont. They learned about our state’s location on a map, important geographical points, state symbols, weather, and industries. The class constructed a giant map of Vermont complete with each child’s town and symbols of their home. The class really enjoyed making homemade pancakes with Vermont made maple syrup!

The children in Loraleh’s class had a busy month investigating Simple Machines. They learned about the wheel and axle, lever, pulley, inclined planes and wedge. The children found it fascinating finding simple machines in almost every tool or machine we use. The class built their own pulley system and worked together transporting gallon jugs of water. Using the pulley system quickly showed how simple machines make our work easier! Each child created their own outstanding ‘machine’ using multiple simple machines within it. 

January STEAM Highlights: 

The children had a lot of fun in January during their STEAM lessons. They enjoyed learning about many new and exciting concepts while being introduced to many different and engaging materials.

STEAM with Caitlin: The children experimented with crayons and watercolors to make crayon resist paintings, learned the word “reaction” and worked with various ingredients to observe different reactions, and spent a lot of time investigating a pencil sharpener and finding the many tools that work together to make the sharpener work.

STEAM with Clara: The children worked together to make impressive salt crystals and enjoyed watching them grow every day. The class learned about catapults and constructed an impressive one using rubber bands, a spoon, and popsicle sticks. The class also explored with magnets filling bottles with pipecleaners. 

STEAM with Leah: The math lesson on symmetry was quite a hit when each child constructed a perfectly symmetrical picture usings pattern blocks and rulers. They enjoyed experimenting with different thermometers taking the temperature of various items. They also took advantage of the recent snow and performed fun ice melting experiments. 

STEAM with Dominique: The children worked together to build an outstanding marble run using ramps, tunnels, and slides. The class also engineered various styles of bridges and tested their weight when complete.  It was exciting to learn how ice cream is made and combined the proper ingredients to make homemade ice cream in a bag. 

February Classroom Themes: 

The school-wide theme in February is Animal Homes and People Homes (Habitats)

  • The class taught by Jen: Life in the Forest 
  • The class taught by Caitlin: Life in the Desert ~ Hot and Cold
  • The classes taught by Susan and Clara: Life in the Mountains
  • The classes taught by Leah, Dominique, and Loraleh: Life in the Rainforest  

If you have a particular interest in a theme and would like to join the class for an activity, please see your child’s teacher! We appreciate family participation.