February at a Glance - Heartworks Burlington

Morning Classroom Highlights:

February was a wonderful month of learning, discovering, and imagining as the children were immersed in the theme: Animal and People Homes. 
Children with Jen and Megan had so much fun learning about the forest habitat. They went on a forest animal search all around the school, hung upside down like bats, created raccoon masks, and played a very entertaining hibernation game. The children also enjoyed sharing what they know about aardvarks and anteaters with the Pre-kindergarten children taught by Dominique. 

Friends with Caitlin discovered the hot deserts of the world. The children studied all about the fascinating saguaro cactus and it’s resident, the Elf Owl. The children planted their very own classroom cactus and got the opportunity to meet a desert tortoise. The class also presented their impressive facts about the rattlesnake to the Pre-kindergarten children taught by Leah.

Friends taught by Susan climbed mountains to learn about the habitat in higher elevations. They identified mountain animal tracks, created incredible rock cairns, and spent a lot of time studying all about the different bears living in the mountain regions. The class really enjoyed making mountain granola with friends in class with Clara.  

Children with Clara also learned about life in the mountains. The class constructed a beautiful mountain mural complete with pine trees and a snowy summit. The children took a “camping” trip in the mountains and “hiked” all around the school spotting different mountain animals along the way. Their mountain granola was a perfect treat to share with friends taught by Susan. 
Children taught by Loraleh took a trip to the rainforest to explore this incredible habitat. The children each chose a rainforest animal to research. They found interesting facts on each animal and made beautiful and detailed masks of their chosen animal. As a culminating event, each child presented their animal’s facts and modeled their animal masks to the whole school during an all school assembly. 

Friends in class with Leah explored the rainforest habitat and brought to life the beautiful tale of the Great Kapok Tree. The class also made delicious rainforest cookies using ingredients soley found in the rainforest. The children really liked learning about monkeys and created many mischievous monkeys to ‘hang around’ in their classroom. The children were very proud to present facts and information about the emerald tree boa to the children taught by Caitlin.
Children with Dominique also ventured to the rainforest. The children learned a fantastic song all about the layers of the rainforest and proudly performed it for the whole school.  The class welcomed a Champlain College professor to their classroom and  explored different tropical flowers with magnifying glasses. They especially loved making tropical smoothies with rainforest ingredients. The class was thrilled to join children taught by Jen to share information about the rainforest anteater and learn more about aardvarks. 

Afternoon STEAM Program: 

Our afternoon STEAM program continues to be highly successful, fun, and impressive! Each STEAM class begins with a group discussion where the children are presented with a question to answer or a “challenge” to solve: How is liquid measured? How are bridges built? What is inside a seed? Is wind powerful? Can you use rubberbands to paint with?

The children are encouraged to share their ideas on how to solve the challenge or answer the problem and are given the opportunity to work together, working with many different hands on materials….Let the exploring, questioning, observing, experimenting, investigating, creating, and building begin! 

February STEAM highlights: 

Science: The children investigated fruit, vegetable, and flower seeds, planted an avocado pit in water, blew up balloons using gas from chemical reactions, and experimented with wind power using straws and feathers.

Technology: The children used various sized drills to make holes in soap and sand, learned about the functions of different thermometers, dissected an old phone (the kind with a cord and a rotary dial) and then made their own phones using cans and string. 

Engineering: The children designed buildings and structures using clay and wooden pieces, constructed alphabet tree towers, and used large pegs and cylinder connectors to build a giant house.

Art: The children painted with rubber bands, designed and colored unique mandalas, and built cairn structures using many different sized rocks. 

Math: The children measured and invented ingredients to make hot chocolate playdough, used different scales to compare weights of different objects, compared temperatures, and explored shapes with building materials. 

March Classroom Themes:

The school-wide theme this month is Stories Around the World:

  • The class taught by Jen: Nursery Rhymes
  • The class taught by Caitlin: Fairy Tales
  • The classes taught by Susan and Clara: Native American Stories
  • The classes taught by Leah, Dominique, and Loraleh: Greek Mythology

If anyone has a particular interest, skill, or work experience that relates to these themes and you would like to share that knowledge with the class, please be sure to let the classroom teacher or Kathleen know. We enjoy having parents volunteer and share their interests and talents with the class.