February in Review - Stories from Around the World

The two-year-old class taught by Sarah explored Nursery Rhymes. They highlighted some favorite classics such as: Hickory Dickory Dock, I’m a Little Teapot and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Favorite activities included putting band-aids on Humpty Dumpty, pulling plums out of a pie, and making mice to run up the clock on the wall.  

The three-year-old classes taught by Erica, Georgia, and Amy focused on Fairy Tales. Castles were constructed and gingerbread boys and girls were designed. Beanstalks sprouted, both the paper version and from real seeds! The children were also busy creating houses for the three little pigs and acting out the story.
Children with Cassie studied Native American Folklore. They immersed themselves in the Native American culture to appreciate the value that is placed on storytelling. They even got to share stories inside an actual teepee! The dream catchers they wove were beautiful!
The pre-kindergarten classes taught by Leah, Maria, and Caila studied Greek Mythology. They all learned what a myth is and loved creating Mount Olympus and learning about the gods and goddesses who lived there. The children were interested to know that Olympic games were held in honor of the gods and goddesses who invented them. Many new mythical creatures were created by the children that were inspired by the ancient Griffin (half eagle, half lion) and Minotaur (half man, half bull). They celebrated the end of the month by having a Greek feast; the three classes got together to chop garlic and olives and knead bread dough to make Greek olive bread.  It was delicious!

Afternoon STEAM Program

Here are highlights of some projects from STEAM in Heartworks Williston this month:

  • Science- inflating a balloon with the vapor from mixing baking soda and vinegar, exploring changes of matter, experimenting with sound waves with wire a hanger and string
  • Technology- making telephones, creating harmonicas, and using a heat source (a wok) to boil water and a tin foil hood to catch the vapor to create condensation
  • Engineering- building a spectroscope to project rainbows, constructing windpipes that play different pitches, building a snow fort, and engineering bubbles by figuring out how to keep them from popping
  • Arts- painting by blowing through a straw, creating beautiful kaleidoscopes, experimenting with the pitches of different instruments, and walking water that traveled up and down paper towels to mix colors
  • Math- playing musical plates, sorting pictures of different states of matter, measuring out water to make Jello 

The teachers have chosen some outstanding themes for the month of March:

  • Sarah's class: Birds
  • Erica's class: Construction
  • Georgia's class: Going and Growing Green
  • Amy's class: Light and Color Exploration
  • Cassie's class: Life on the Farm
  • Maria's class: Egypt
  • Leah's class: Paleontology and Prehistoric Times
  • Caila's class: Canada