Math Challenge!

This month build upon your child's math skills with these fun and easy games. They won't know it, but you'll be building a strong foundation for the years ahead.

  • Count all the time - walking/running steps, the number of plates/glasses/forks at dinner, stairs in your home, stuffed animals, cars in a parking lot, letter in names, etc.
  • Roll a dice: Count the dots and say what number it is, then jump, clap, skip, or step that number of times. Find that number of something (5 crayons, 3 spoons etc.).
  • Measure the rain: Put a measuring cup outside and measure the spring rain.
  • Dominoes: Match the ends of dominoes with the same number of dots.
  • Number Stories: Make up number problems with your child; “I see 3 apples and 2 oranges, how many pieces of fruit in all? We have 2 cats, how many legs in all?”
  • Create Patterns: Use cereal, legos, clothing, toys, stuffed animals, etc.
  • Color and Shape Hunt: Have your child find items of a certain color or shape around the house.
  • Shapes: Fold paper or cloth napkins into different shapes.
  • Size Differentiation: Find small, medium, or large items around your house.
  • Sorting Fun: Make piles of items by size, color, shape, or other ways your child can think of.
  • Number Order: Write 1-10 on index cards and have your child put them in order.
  • Number Search: Pick a number card and have your child collect that many items.
  • Bingo: Play number, shape, or color bingo.
  • Games: Play board games such as Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Monopoly Junior etc. (teach the value of having fun vs. just playing to win). 

Most Importantly  ~ Have Fun!! :)