February at Heartworks Shelburne

Class with Meg and Kaylie

The children in class with Meg and Kaylie had so much fun engaging in the Musical Instruments theme last month. The room was filled with all different types of music from classical instrumentals to early childhood favorites, and the children loved moving and dancing to them all. Some of the favorite additions to the classroom in February were the ukulele and the large bass drum. The children really enjoyed experimenting with the sounds they could make and used different toys to bang on the drums and pianos. Music is such a wonderful teaching tool and one that Meg and Kaylie will continue to use throughout the year.  

Class with Marina and Kristen

The friends with Marina and Kristen started off the month exploring recycled materials and learning how to use items such as paper towel tubes, tissue boxes, and plastic containers in different ways. One of their favorite activities involved pom poms, paper towels tubes, and small containers. The children practiced feeding the pom poms through the paper towel tubes and experimented with the different tops and how to secure them onto the containers. They delighted in figuring out how to remove the tops, and it quickly became a game to see how many times they could get a teacher to help them put the tops back on. It is amazing how much joy they can find in the smallest of things.

Class with Anne and Jacey

So many wonderful things have been happening in the class with Anne and Jacey. February was focused on all things construction and the children really enjoyed this creative and imaginative theme. The used recycled cardboard blocks to build towers and bridges and explored different ways to make these constructions fall safely in the classroom. The construction theme even spilled over into the Valentine’s Day celebration as the children worked on painting tissue boxes to look like construction vehicles that were then used as mailboxes for their friends to deliver cards and treats to. This is one of the children’s favorite themes and they always have so much fun pretending to be construction workers and construction vehicles.

Class with Liz and Amanda

The friends with Liz and Amanda spent the month of February exploring the arts of Dance, Drama and Movement! It is so important for young children to move their bodies freely and part of this theme is helping them to learn how to do so safely when other friends are around. Liz and Amanda engaged in movement activities such as “freeze dance” and “follow the dancer” that modeled following one and two-step directions and how to move in both large and small spaces. To incorporate drama into the day the teachers made a “bed” out of blankets and pillows and the children all pretended to be monkeys jumping to the song “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.” The children continued to explore yoga as an activity and learned a few more poses such as cobra, shark and rainbow.

Class with Nikki and Cara

Continuing the theme of music, the friends with Nikki and Cara focused on Musical Instruments including, brass percussion and strings. One of their favorite activities was listening to different music and trying to figure which instruments were making each of the different sounds. They paraded around the room with homemade shakers, danced fast and slow to different types of music and used their fingerprints to make notes along their own staff. In addition to Musical Instruments, the children celebrated Valentine’s day and heard stories about love and caring and practiced doing kind things for one another and the school as a whole. It is so wonderful to see the children helping one another and sharing their love and kindness so openly.