Heartworks Stowe Studies Cultures

Our monthly theme during the month of February was “Cultures.” Both classrooms were extremely excited to use their imagination to build an airplane and fly to another country! The upstairs classroom learned about Kenya. Children were very engaged in making flags and discovering safari animals.

The downstairs classroom learned about Mexico. Highlights include paper weaving art, making sombreros, sunset and cactus still life paintings, Mexican dancing and movement, and the fascination over lizards.

This month the overall theme is Science. The upstairs class will learn about the Solar System, and the downstairs class will focus on Weather. 

STEAM Highlights

Science - We experimented with snow and melting ice. Children observed and documented the changes in the river on the Stowe bike path over a week time period. It was amazing to see the reactions amongst the children. 

Technology - We explored shovels and learned how it is an important tool to move snow around. Children extended this by building snow plow trucks and literally helped us clear out 2 feet of snow on our playground!

Engineering - Children have been busy constructing homes out of toilet paper rolls and straws, discovering ways on how to make a stable and strong base and roof.

Art - Children have been very curious to see the cause and effect of rolling marbles into paint throughout the process of Marble Art!

Math - Children learned about the process of changing a solid to a liquid through making wax crayons. Everyone collected hollow sticks that they were able to bring back into the classroom. They were eager to save their sticks to use to make crayons with. Children took their time to carefully grate crayons. Next they melted the crayons and then poured them into their hollow sticks. What a fabulous project this was!