February Highlights from Heartworks Shelburne

Our monthly theme was “Creative Arts” and each classroom was filled with music, art and literacy. The children played instruments, learned about famous artists and explored amazing authors. It was a very inspiring month! We look forward to exploring, creating and growth in the month ahead. We had a great Valentine’s Celebration! Each of the classrooms enjoyed passing out their valentine cards to their friends and teachers. It was such a pleasure to have so many families join us to help celebrate. 

Special Guests:
 During the Creative Arts theme last month, Kaylee and Trevor Contois came in and conducted a special music class for the children.  They played guitars, created a band, and sang and danced with the children. The most special part was the children had an opportunity to request their favorite songs for an all school sing along! This performance was a very special treat for all the children.  

Morning Classroom Themes in February
Children with Sherri and Sandra explored many instruments this month during their Musical Instruments theme. The children loved learning about new instruments and even getting to play them together! They made their own drums, painted with bells attached to paintbrushes and even had a parade! The highlight of the month was when the children each brought in their own instruments from home to share with their friends. 

Children taught by Danielle, Kaylah and Hunter dove into their Famous Artists theme. Both classes learned about many artists such as Monet and Van Gogh. The children explored many different art mediums such as pencil drawings, oil pastels, painting on canvas and watercolors. They recreated many famous painting such as Van Gogh's iconic ‘Sunflowers’ and made their own Pablo Picasso inspired self portraits! The children also studied abstract art and  created a beautiful Kandinsky mural for the art wall. 

Friends in class with Haley and Hilary explored Famous Musicians. The classrooms were filled with music!  They covered a wide variety of musical genres including: Jazz, Classical, Reggae, and World/Multicultural.  The circle discussions included different Genres of music, what it means to be a Famous Musician, and questions such as: Do you listen to music at home? Why do people listen to music? How does it make you feel? The children enjoyed water coloring musical notes, painting musical instruments, and of course listening to the many different genres of music.  

This month each of the Pre-kindergarten classes focused on a different Author Study. The children continued to grow their concepts of print though reading and exploring many great books. Children with Angela made their own butter to put on pancakes they had cooked in honor of Eric Carle’s Pancakes Pancakes. Friends with  Amber class studied Dr. Seuss and his whimsical stories.  Amber finished the study with a week long spirit week which was such fun for all the children. 

Afternoon STEAM Program
Children in the afternoon program with Amber, Angela, Haley, and Danielle have had  another wonderful month with the hands-on learning that takes place during our wonderful afternoon STEAM program.  

Science - we experimented with snow and melting ice with salt, dropping vinegar onto baking soda, and color mixing with eye droppers and observing the melting rate.  

Technology and Tools - we explored shovels and talked about how it is an important tool that helps us (especially on snowy winter days!).  The children also worked on their fine motor skills and used pencils to write after a discussion about graphite.  

Engineering - has allowed us to plan and build many different structures such as: bridges, playgrounds, castles, and more. The children  used paper and chairs to build bridges; they used toothpicks and clay to create unique three dimensional structures; they built towers with plastic cups, made marble mazes, designed gardens and houses.  We read The Three Little Pigs and built houses with straws, sticks and Legos then tried to blow them down. 

Art - the children used instruments and learned about an orchestra; we played freeze dance games to various types of music, created collages with magazines and shapes, painted with watercolors, made different scented playdough, made winter hats with fabric and paper, made winter tree paintings, and we learned about Henri Matisse and made cut out collages.  

Math - the children practiced various ways of counting including counting on and counting backwards! We also continued to play one of our favorite games, “I Have, Who Has.” A game that exercises the children’s critical thinking, counting, and color/shape recognition skills. The children also went on a wonderful shape hunt around the school.