March Highlights from Heartworks Burlington

March Morning Classroom Highlights: 

The children with Jen and Megan had so much fun listening to many classic and sweet Nursery Rhymes. The class has listened to Humpty Dumpty and made a classroom brick wall with many Humpty Dumpty Eggs cracked and put back together again. The children acted out the rhyme Jack Be Nimble and each child was able to jump over the candlestick. After reading, Little Miss Muffet, the children made homemade curds and whey (oatmeal) to enjoy.

Friends taught by Caitlin enjoyed the world of Fairy Tales. After reading, The Three Little Bears, the children helped to make delicious porridge and carefully tested the temperature. The class germinated many magic beans after reading Jack and the Beanstalk, and built their own houses out of straw, sticks, and bricks after reading Little Red Riding Hood. 

Children with Susan learned all about Native American Stories and Native American culture. The children made an impressive class Totem Pole and eagle statue to sit on top for their guardian spirit. The class created paintings using feathers and each child made their own unique teepee out of paper bags.  

Friends taught by Clara also enjoyed the fascinating world of Native American stories. The children made stunning dream catchers, using a weaving and beading method. The class learned about the importance of the dugout canoe and each child constructed their own canoe using various recycled materials. The children also made beautiful watercolors inspired by the natural world as described in many of our original people’s tales. The children with both Susan and Clara came together to discover the importance of corn and the many ways it is cooked. Both classes also enjoyed spending time in their classroom Teepee where they prepared cooking ‘fires’ and listened for howling coyotes.

The friends with Dominique, Leah, and Loraleh all delved into the world of Greek Mythology and came all together a few times to listen to a few Myths: 

Children with Leah enjoyed learning all about the Greek Olympics and having a classroom Olympic competition. Inspired by the many myths, each child did very well making up their own unique mythological creature. The class also constructed a beautiful mural of Mt. Olympus. They did very well acting out the myth about Pandora’s Box.

Friends taught by Loraleh enjoyed learning about the ancient traditional clothing of the gods and goddesses. They spent a lot of time wearing various styles of togas and vine headpieces. The class worked together to construct a highly impressive structure of the Parthenon using the classroom blocks. The children made beautiful Greek Vases using an elaborate multi step process. 

Children with Dominique enjoyed learning about the greek god, Arachne, and spent a lot of time weaving individual webs just like Arachne. The class was happy to receive gold medals after participating in the class olympics. They learned all about Greek food and enjoyed a delicious Greek feast complete with feta, olives, honey, pita, and yogurt. 

Afternoon STEAM March Highlights:
The children in our afternoon STEAM program are enjoying their exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. The children are engaged in group projects, experimenting, predicting, taking things apart, building, communicating, exploring, wondering, observing, and solving problems. 

Science: The children enjoyed getting outside to observe signs of spring with magnifying glasses then drawing their observations, conducting various snowball melting experiments, investigating water and colored oil properties, rehydrating oobleck, and carrying out various wind experiments. 

Technology: The children brainstormed how lemonade is made and appreciated the work of an electric juicer as they mixed ingredients to make lemonade, learned the function of and constructed binoculars using recycled materials, made a functioning screw using a paper towel tube and paper plate spiral, explored the workings of a flashlight, and experimented with dry and wet sponges.

Engineering: The children designed 3D structures using folded paper triangles, created a classroom roadmap using tape, constructed catapults, and learned about gravity while putting together an indoor plumbing set up. 

Art: The children created wildly unique animal masks, experimented with painting using yarn, made shamrocks with handprints, and painted in the snow.

Math: The children practiced their counting and number recognition skills while playing dice bingo, designed flowers and symmetrical butterflies with pattern blocks, found and gathered different shapes around the school, and counted lucky coins.