March Highlights from Heartworks Shelburne C

Class with Meg and Kaylie

The classroom was decorated with tractor footprints, rainbow chains and silver lined clouds as Meg, Kaylie and the children welcomed the celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day and the Farm and Farm Animal theme during the month of March. All of the children seemed to have grown so much over February break and delighted in using their new skills at school. To begin the Farm and Farm Animals theme, some of the children participated in “clean” full body painting. They had the opportunity to move red paint around on a canvas cut into the shape of a barn. The canvas was covered in a clear shower curtain, so those friends who do not yet enjoy the sensory experience of paint on their hands and arms had a chance to participate and still see the paint moving around without getting messy. Throughout the month Meg and Kaylie read farm stories and sang farm songs as they modeled to the children the different sounds animals can make. The children will continue to explore new words and sounds as we move into the next theme. Look for the children to be “Sailing in Spring” during the month of April.

Class with Marina and Kristen

The children in class with Marina and Kristen had so much fun exploring farms and farm animals during the month of March. The classroom was full of the sounds of horses, cows, pigs and many other farm animals as the children experimented with making different noises and singing “Old MacDonald.” Some of the enrichment activities included using paint brushes, brown paint and pink pig shapes to make mud covered pigs, finger painting on bubble wrap with yellow finger paint to create textured ears of corn and using forks and yellow and brown paint to pretend to be chickens leaving footprints on white paper. All of the children had so much fun exploring different art media and textures involved in each project. Farms and animals are so beloved by all the children and March was such a fun month for everyone.

Class with Anne and Jacey

The children in class with Anne and Jacey really enjoyed hearing about the leprechauns and entering into and exploring their very messy classroom on Saint Patrick’s Day morning. They delighted in finding the animals wearing all of the inside shoes, had snack at the table in the circle area and drank delicious magical green water. It was such a wonderfully fun day for the children and teachers alike. Also during the month of March the class learned about Farms and Farm Animals and sugaring too! The children followed Anne outside to the courtyard and stood with Jacey, and they watched the tapping of a maple tree and learned all about sap, sap lines, and how maple syrup is made. Each week the classroom ventured outside to observe the sap bucket and collect the sugary liquid. Many enrichment activities involved the use of maple syrup as the children taste tested different grades, baked muffins with maple syrup and mixed together hidden veggie cookies with maple syrup. It was quite a delicious month.

Class with Liz and Amanda

Water Play was the focus for the children in the classroom with Liz and Amanda. Everyone had so much fun exploring the different ways that water moves, experimenting with items that sink and ones that float, and even painting with frozen water. Water is such an important part of everyday life and can be found in different forms all of which the children delight in experimenting with. Liz and Amanda brought warm soapy water into the classroom to bathe the babydolls and in contrast also brought in freshly fallen and very chilly snow for the children to dig, scoop and with which to build. Both activities brought a lot of smiles and laughter to the day. Another interesting activity involved the concept of absorption, as the children helped to pour tiny beads into a bin of water that then expanded into a fun water bead sensory experience. The visit from the leprechauns really helped to top off an enriching and magical month. 

Class with Nikki and Cara

During the month of March, the children with Nikki and Cara also explored water and learned about absorption, evaporation and where rain and snow comes from. They made rain clouds in water glasses and then used eye droppers to drip colored water through the clouds making it rain in the glass. Discussing the rainclouds invited a conversation about snow and then moved to experimentation with ice. The children observed ice as it melted and used their hands to manipulate the cubes to see if they were warm or cold and wet or dry. They were even able to see how the warmth of their hands contributed to the speed of how the ice melted. The celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day also involved water experiments and color mixing to create a water walking rainbow. The friends worked together to fill three jars with the primary red, yellow and blue water colors and lined them up with regular uncolored water jars. Paper towels were placed connecting each of the jars and after several days the water began to climb the paper towels and mix together creating a beautiful line of rainbow colored jars that the leprechauns had a lot of fun mixing up!