March Highlights from Heartworks Stowe

Spring is finally here! The children all have Spring fever and are enjoying playing outside and soaking up the sun. Some highlights of this past week have been having picnics in our outdoor classroom and doing Story by Heart on the playground as a whole school.

During the month of March, our school’s morning theme was Science.

Children in the downstairs class learned all about weather. The children were especially excited to take on the responsibility of being the weatherperson. They learned how to graph the weather on a weather chart. Children observed and documented the weather over the entire month. They were also introduced to the water cycle, made rain sticks, painted canvas clouds, created a weather mural, made tissue paper flowers, stained glass butterflies, and jumped in muddy puddles.

In the upstairs classroom children learned all about the Solar System. Children transformed the loft into a rocket ship, made a mural of all the planets, created their own space slime and even wrote space books. Rocks were collected and studied just like real astronauts which led to discussions about the kinds of journey rocks may have taken or what materials they might be made of. Planet movement was also introduced through yoga and dance as the children stretched and blasted off like rockets, and orbited like the planets around the sun.

For April the theme is Creative Arts.
Downstairs classroom will focus on Famous Artists.
Upstairs classroom has an author study and will focus on the works of Eric Carle.  
The children are all so engaged and eager to learn!


STEAM Afternoon Highlights

Science - Children have been fascinated in observing the river and how it changes as Spring begins.

Technology - The children enjoyed learning about water filtration and built our own water filters.

Engineering - The children built and tested ramps and angles to discover things that roll.

Art - The children made structures with straws and tubes and counted how many bears they could hold.

Math - On the first day of Spring, children created a recipe, gathered and measured ingredients for maple on snow.