Heartworks Stowe April in Review

Our theme during the month of April was “Creative Arts.” Children in Britta and Annabelle’s class learned all about  different book illustrators. Dark paper and oil pastels were used to create a mural inspired by Phoebe Stone’s When The Wind Bears Go Dancing. The class painted patterns on paper that were later cut up and reassembled to create collage animals in the style of Eric Carle. Each student also made an individual book all about themselves as well as a collaborative book all about feelings created by the whole class, discussing our feelings that were inspired by Leo Lionni.

Friends in Megan and Amanda’s class learned about a variety of Famous Artists and art styles. The children explored collage with different shapes and arranged them to create different images in the style of Picasso, and used watercolors after examining the work of Monet. The children created pencil self portraits, and we went into depth about different features and their placement and discussed paintings created by Rembrandt. We also used air dry clay and each friend sculpted masterpieces after looking at the works of Michelangelo. We all enjoyed delving into so many different art mediums.

May’s Overall Theme is People Homes and Animal Homes; the upstairs classroom will focus on the Life in the Rainforest and the downstairs classroom will explore Life in the Mountains.