Afternoon STEAM Explorations in April at Heartworks Burlington

Afternoon STEAM Explorations in April: 

*Creating homemade bubble solution and different types of wands
*Experimenting with Oil & Water
*Melting crayons to make larger crayons
*Observing clouds outside 

*Working with batteries
*Exploring sound with tubes
*Dissecting an old computer keyboard
*Learning how a photocopier works

*Designing structures out of popsicle sticks
*Making functional paper airplanes
*Drawing real blueprints
*Building paper and block bridges

*Rain painting with bubble wrap
*Oil crayon layering and scraping
*Printing with cardboard tubes
*Making homemade paper for Earth Day

*Recognizing shapes in the classroom
*Graphing letters in names
*Charting the weather forecast
*Playing a ladybug counting game

End of Year STEAM reflection: 

Teachers: “What did you like best about STEAM  this year?”

“I liked using the mixer to make pudding.”
“Writing my name and counting the letters to put on the graph.”
“I like learning things.”
“I like making whatever we want. I like those days.”
“Building bridges is really fun.”
“Engineering day!”
“Being artists.”
“You get to learn lots of new stuff.”
“I like learning outside.”
“I liked painting.”
“It is really fun.”
“Building with blocks is fun.”
“I liked making experiments.”