April Highlights from Heartworks Burlington

April Morning Classroom Highlights:

April was a wonderful month of experiments, discovering, and wondering as the children were immersed in the Science theme. 

The friends with Jen and Megan learned all about Transportation. The children had such fun learning all about the different modes of transportation on water, land, and in the air. The class enjoyed making a car ramp painting using cars, an inclined plane, and paint! The children also were fascinated putting together their balloon rocket and watching it fly across the room on the string. 

The children with Caitlin loved learning all about the Five Senses. The children performed many senses “tests” and had to guess identify various items by using their senses of smell, taste, hearing, sight, and touch. The class made delicious banana bread and really enjoyed using their sense of taste! The children keenly used their sense of hearing and painted beautiful pictures while listening to music. 

The friends with Susan were weather watchers this month and carefully graphed the weather for each day in the month of April. The children learned about the impact of weather on plant growth and performed experiments of light and shade after planting seeds. They learned about the water cycle and loved learning a song with lots of great weather vocabulary! 

The children with Clara were also weather watchers and created an outstanding weather mural complete with the sun, clouds, raindrops, and rainbows. The children really enjoyed learning about wind and did many fascinating experiments to show the power of wind by blowing paint with straws to make a picture and having cottonball wind races. 

The friends with Leah set off to explore the Solar System! They made a beautiful solar system mural along with many different star constellations. Each child made their own rocketship out of recycled materials. The children could often be heard singing their planets and astronauts songs all month long. 

The children with Dominique made rockets and blasted off to learn more about our Solar System. The children each made a colorful planet and put them in order to create an impressive solar system mural. They explored the characteristics of gravity using ramps and pom poms. The children each made a stargazing telescope to observe the night sky. 

The friends taught by Loraleh really enjoyed learning all about the Solar System. Each child made a ‘Planet Book’ containing explicit characteristics of each planet and worked carefully writing the names of each. The class made a collaborative 3D beautiful moon phase mural.