Heartworks Shelburne C April in Review

Meg and Kaylie
April was the month of movement milestones in the classroom with Meg and Kaylie. All of the children have found ways to explore the classroom as they have progressed from rolling and scooting to full crawling and walking! It is such an amazing experience sharing these developments with the children and watching their independence grow. It is hard to believe that these wonderful friends came to us barely knowing how to sit and only exploring on their tummies for just a few minutes at a time. They have grown so much and have captured all of our hearts. During the Spring and Gardening theme Meg and Kaylie created a flower growth chart and measured how tall the children have become. They have all enjoyed having more opportunities to go outside and are looking forward to the warmth that spring will bring.

Marina and Kristen
During the month of April, the children with Marina and Kristen began their exploration of the Spring and Gardening theme examining soil and seeds as they planted grass in small cups. 
They “tiptoed” through the tulips as the teachers painted their feet to create footprint flowers, used orange and yellow tissue paper to decorate a contact paper sun, went for walks outside to search for signs of spring and painted colored construction paper that was folded in half to reveal colorful butterflies. Another fun milestone reached in April by the children in class with Marina and Kristen was moving out of the cribs and onto mats for nap time! It is so sweet to walk into the classroom and see all of the children snuggled up on their mats, sleeping peacefully. It is quite the reminder of how much they have all grown since the beginning of the year.

Anne and Jacey
Spring was also welcomed warmly in the class with Anne and Jacey. The room is blooming with plant life as the small seeds and beans the children have planted continue to grow and thrive with the children’s loving and attentive care. Everyone has shared in the responsibility of caring for the plants and making sure they have enough light and water to continue to grow. These activities foster a wonderful independence and respect and care for the natural world around us. The dramatic play area was transformed into a fruit and vegetable stand where the children used their imaginations as they sold to one another their harvested crops, pretended to make vegetable soups and presented teachers with bouquets of flowers. The children have really enjoyed taking what they have learned in the classroom and translating that information into their explorations outside as they have searched for and discovered signs of spring. 

Liz and Amanda
Rhyming and Poems was the theme for the children in the class with Liz and Amanda. They explored rhyming stories, songs and words focusing on a few well known poems as well as introducing new ones. The children engaged in many fun activities surrounding each poem they learned and explored social interactions through cooperative games, learning blocks and explore times. The children have all been working on developing their verbal communication with one another and the words, sounds and feelings expressed in poems help to encourage vocabulary development. Hands on activities were another big focus during the month of April and the children were welcomed to explore in a sensory bin that held different items every few days. One of the children’s favorite activities was the rain and wind process art which was created by using straws to blow around blue paint on paper. The children had a lot of fun being wind, inspired by the weather and rainy day poems such as “Dripsy Dropsy” and “Rain, Rain, Go Away”.

Nikki and Cara
The days with Nikki and Cara were full of Nursery Rhymes during the “Stories from Around the World” theme. The children revisited many well known nursery rhymes and acted some out while creating art and baking goodies inspired by others. The walls of the classroom were covered with itsy bitsy spiders surrounding a waterspout, a clock teaming with little mice running up and down it, and painted sheep that were hiding from Bo Peep. The class also worked together measuring, pouring and stirring to bake muffins just like the muffin man and kindly shared them with all of the teachers at school. Nursery rhymes are so much fun and the children always express delight when a poem or rhyme they recognize from home is introduced.  Spring quickly found its way into the daily rhythm as the children planted lavender seeds and hiked through the forest discovering the growth of new plants and leaves. Everyone in the class is looking forward to Outdoor Exploration and sharing with the children the different ways we can take care of the world around us.