Heartworks Shelburne STEAM

    What a month full of amazing STEAM creations, experimentation and predictions. The classes taught by Haley, Danielle, Amber and Angela have been hard at work.  On Science Mondays, the children used their observation skills and magnifying glasses to look at different animal footprints and dissect and complete a dandelion discovery experiment. Gears! Gears! Gears!  On Technology Tuesday the focus was gears!   The children discussed why gears are important, how they work, and went on a gear hunt to identify all the objects that might use gears to work.  On Engineering Wednesdays the children studied Greek architecture and built a large reflection of the Parthenon.  On Art Thursdays the children have been learning about Michelangelo.  The teachers put large butcher paper on the underside of the classroom tables and the children laid on their backs pretending to paint the Sistine chapel just like Michelangelo.  To end the month of April the child put on a puppet show in the big room for each other.  Each class acted out a different book using puppets.  It was so wonderful to see the children so supportive of their peers!