Weeks of June 10th and June 17th             Enchanted Earth 
The Earth is full of many wonders from the everyday to the fantastic. Join us as we kick off our first two weeks of camp creating fairy homes, planting gardens, building bird feeders, and searching for insects and other creatures and critters that crawl. During these two weeks, campers will discover the joy of the natural world and the environment we live in.


Weeks of June 24th and July 8th        Life in the Ocean
Have you ever wondered why the sea is salty, where the waves come from, or why the ocean has tides? Come join us as we dive below the waves to find the answers to these questions and meet some of the most amazing and interesting creatures you will ever find


Weeks of July 15th and July 22nd            Arts Alive!
Come join us as we sing, dance, act, and paint our way through the next two weeks. The children will have the opportunity to become fully immersed in the Arts; exploring different mediums, experiencing various musical genres and instruments, acting out stories and learning new songs!


Weeks of July 29th and August 5th Digging for Dinosaurs       
Become explorers, researchers and paleontologists, as we work together to search for signs of dinosaurs and other giant reptiles from the ancient world. The children will have the chance to participate in digging expeditions, use their imagination to create hypotheses how dinosaurs behaved, what colors they were, and where they disappeared to. We will use songs, stories and our imaginations to stomp around dinosaurs, and think of what life might be like today if they still existed.

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Come join us for Summer Camp!

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2019 Summer Camp Rates Heartworks & STEAMworks

Ages 6 Weeks - 2 Years
Full Day Program 8:30-4:00 $360/week or  $85/day
Half Day Program 8:30-12:00 $260/week or $75/day
Early Care 8:00-8:30 $7/day
Extended Day 4:00-5:00 $12/day

Ages 3 - 5 Years
Full Day Program 8:30-4:00 $340/week or  $75/day
Half Day Program 8:30-12:00 $240/week or $65/day
Early Care 8:00-8:30 $5/day
Extended Day 4:00-5:00 $10/day

Summer Camp runs from June 10th through August 9th. There is no camp the week of July 1st.

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You may register your child on a weekly basis and both a part time and full time schedules are available. Schedules must include a minimum of two half days per week during the summer.

Burlington Campus               Ages 2 through 5 years
Essex STEAMworks         Ages 2 through 5 years
Shelburne Campus                  Ages 6 weeks through 5 years   Williston Campus                                                               Ages 6 weeks through to 5 years